Services Archive - Arthur


The parent:
Protecting the family is at the core. This responsibility can be challenging due to the specificities of each member. The parent wants to be sure to find appropriate solutions to suit everyone’s needs.

The student:
Seeking knowledge, he will be called to leave the family home. He needs to know the most advantageous offers for his new life.

The expatriate:
When he arrives in Switzerland, his new rights and obligations are still foreign to him. He wants to understand them in order to ensure the serenity of his stay.

The athlete:
Between training and competing abroad, he strives for excellence. He wants to be sure that his efforts have not been in vain.

The globetrotter:
Leaving, exploring and discovering allow him to quench his thirst for adventure. Whatever happens, he wants to be sure that he will be taken care of at all times, anywhere in the world.


The active youth:
Facing the new life presented to him, he begins by ensuring his first accommodation. He wants a haven of peace, not a source of worry.

The landlord:
Selling, buying, reselling are his activities. He needs to know precisely the rights and obligations relating to real estate insurance.

The cohabitee:
They lived happily ever after and never paid double invoices.


The farsighted one:
The future is not predicted, but taken care of. He wants to know where to start.

The adventurer:
On the verge of adventure. He wants to make sure he knows what he's leaving and what he's taking with him.

The predecessor:
To ensure the continuity of his bloodline. He wants to protect it from the vagaries of life.


The collector:
Whether his value is pecuniary or sentimental, he holds it as the apple of his eye. He wants to place his treasure under safe guard.


The Entrepreneur:
Alone or at the head of a large group, he has to be responsible. He wants to have a reliable analysis of his company's needs.

Action plan:

  1. Listening to and examining your needs.
  2. Protecting your interests against insurance companies.
  3. Transmission of a comparative offer report.
  4. Counseling and advice aimed at optimizing your insurances.
  5. Defence in case of misadventure.
  6. Administration of your insurance.


The creditor:
Acquiring property involves a great degree of knowledge. He wishes to be accompanied throughout this challenging stage.


The animal lover:
Wishing to guarantee the health of his pet, he wants to ensure that he has access to the best care, whether he is a life companion or a full-fledged member of his family.


The driver:
Four- or two-wheeled, whether the road is winding, slippery or bumpy. He wants to make sure the road is smooth.

The sailor:
The call of the open sea drives him off shore, but he wants to make sure to arrive safe in port.